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De Nete

The Nete

Lier, where the three Netes meet

Lier is located at the spot where the Grote Nete and the Kleine Nete meet.

Felix Timmermans wrote “where the three meandering Netes tie a silver knot.” A commemorative stone is to be found here, in the grass.

The Grote Nete rises near Hechtel-Eksel.
The Kleine Nete is created by a collection of small streams in the area round Arendonk, Retie, Dessel, Mol and Kasterlee.

The Nete meanders through the polder. Downstream the river is called the Nete (or Beneden Nete). In Rumst the Nete joins the Dijle and together they form the Rupel, which, in turn, flows into the Scheldt.

In this unique landscape you can go on wonderful walks and cycle rides, have a great time fishing, canoeing and kayaking and take relaxing river cruises. In the centre of Lier the Koninklijke Moedige Bootvissers take you out on the Binnennete in old eel boats.

The Nete canal links the Albert canal near Viersel to the Beneden Nete in Duffel.

Felix Timmermans

Felix Timmermans

Felix Timmermans (1886 - 1947) was self-taught and wrote plays, novels, short stories and poems.

His best known work is Pallieter...


Boat rides

From the water you discover hidden corners

Old eel-fishing boats operated by the Koninklijke Moedige Bootvissers (Royal Company of Brave Boat Fishermen) ply the...


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