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St Gummarus' Procession

Celebration of Patron Saint's day

St Gummarus procession takes place every year on the first Sunday after 10 October (St Gummarus’s Fair).

Sixteen members of “The Case-Bearers Society” (Genootschap van de Kasdragers) carry the silver reliquary of St Gummarus (weighing more than 800 kg) through the streets of Lier.

During the novena round the saint’s day (11 October) pilgrims come from far and wide to the St Gummarus Church to ask for serious fractures to be healed and beg him to protect them from further fractures.

When saying the blessing the priest places the belt of St Gummarus on the shoulders of the pilgrim, the ritual of the laying on of the belt. This refers to the story where St. Gummarus tied his belt around a felled tree and brought it back to blossom.    

In 2019 the Flemish government recognised the St Gummarus procession as its Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

St Gummarus


Gummarus was born at the end of the 7th or beginning of the 8th century.

He served as a knight at the court of Pippin of Herstal and married the malevolent Grimmara. During his absences she...

St Gummarus Church

St Gummarus Church

Collegiate Church in Brabantine Gothic

The St Gummarus Church in Brabantine Gothic, was built on the site where a Roman parish church dedicated to John the Baptist once stood.


Christus Rex

The majestic, bronze Jesus Christ the King statue is to be found on the little square next to St Gummarus' church. It was...

Sunday 13 October 2019

  • 10:00  Mass in St Gummarus Church
  • 11:15   St Gummarus procession
  • itinery: Kardinaal Mercierplein - Rechtestraat - Werf - Zimmerplein - Eikelstraat - Grote Markt - Vismarkt - Aragonstraat - Mosdijk - De Heyderstraat – Sint-Gummarusstraat - Heilige Geeststraat - Kardinaal Mercierplein.
Ritual of the laying on of the belt
  • during the novena from 11/10 to 19/10 between 14:00 and 15:00 
  • after every religious service
  • on October 13 after mass continuously until 15:00


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