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zitkade Felix Timmermansplein

zitkade Felix Timmermansplein

Sint-Gummarus collegiale kerk

Sint-Gummarus collegiale kerk

begijnhof, UNESCO werelderfgoed

begijnhof, UNESCO werelderfgoed


Sheep Heads monument

The nickname of the inhabitants of Lier is immortalised in the Schapenkoppenmonument, erected in the shadow of the Zimmer Tower.

A legend tells us the story behind this sculpture group of a shepherd with his sheep.

In the 14th century Duke John II wanted to thank the people of Lier for their services during his struggle against the people of Mechelen. They could choose their reward themselves: a cattle market or a university. They chose the cattle staple right, a choice that didn’t do Lier any harm as only one was permitted per region. Thus the cattle market moved from Wespelaar to Lier and the duke sighed, "Oh, the sheep heads!”

In 1425 Leuven was given the first university of the Low Countries.

In addition to this Sheep Heads monument, Lier artist Bertro also created other statues in Lier, such as Wardje Pallieter & Marieke and the Avro Lancaster.



Wardje was an assistant verger in Antwerp. He later joined the Jesuits of Lier, where he became the devil-may-care member of the monastery.

He was also well known among all Lier’s clubs and...

Pallieter en Marieke

Pallieter & Marieke

The life–size bronze sculptures of Pallieter and Marieke, fictional characters from Felix Timmermans′s novel...

Herdenkingsmonument Avro Lancaster

Avro Lancaster

On the night of 16-17 June 1943, a British Lancaster bomber of the 156 Squadron RAF explodes above the Tuinwijk neighbourhood.

Four crew members perish while three others are taken as...


Zimmer Museum

Zimmer Tower and exhibition on the theme of time and space

In the Zimmer Museum you will discover the life’s work of Louis...



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