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Louis Zimmer

Louis Zimmer

Louis Zimmer (1888-1970) was self-taught and had the patience of an angel. He was a strong royalist and to celebrate the country's centenary he created the Jubilee Clock.

He was an amateur astronomer and climbed to the very top in watch- and clockmaking. In order to introduce the general public into the world of astronomy, he built the Astronomic Studio in 1932.

For the World Fair in Brussels in 1935 he built his masterpiece, the Wonder Clock, which was way ahead of its time.

In 1970 Louis Zimmer became a freeman of the town of Lier.

His works can be admired in the Zimmer Museum and Zimmer Tower.

Jef De Cock created this bust of Louis Zimmer that proudly stands on the patio.

Along with painter Isidore Opsomer, blacksmith Louis Van Boeckel and author Felix Timmermans, the four artists were known as the Klavertje vier van Lier, the four-leaf clover of Lier.


Zimmer Museum

Zimmer Tower and exhibition on the theme of time and space

In the Zimmer Museum you will discover the life’s work of Louis...

Isidore Opsomer

Isidore Opsomer

Baron Isidore Opsomer (1878 - 1967) was a realistic and post impressionistic painter of portraits, landscapes, urban scenes and still life. He was also the author of engravings and lithographies....

Louis van Boeckel

Louis van Boeckel

Amongst the lush greenery of the municipal park stands artist blacksmith Louis Van Boeckel. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary...

Felix Timmermans

Felix Timmermans

Felix Timmermans (1886 - 1947) was self-taught and wrote plays, novels, short stories and poems.

His best known work is Pallieter...

Zimmerplein 18


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