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St Gummarus Tower

The Pepper pot

St Gummarus Tower, known as the "Peperbus” (Pepper pot) to the people of Lier, is 83m high.

Due to a number of catastrophes it took almost four centuries to build. We can see this from the various architectural styles: Gothic at the bottom, the octagon resting on this is late Gothic, the top octagon is late baroque and the tower roof is rococo.

At the top of the tower is a unique 18th St Gummarus carillon. On the occasion of its 300th anniversary in 2003-2004 extensive renovation of the bells, drum and clock was carried out.

After climbing 296 steps you have a breathtaking view over Lier and surrounding area from the top.

Scan the code and take a look inside the St Gummarus Tower.

St Gummarus Church

St Gummarus Church

Collegiate Church in Brabantine Gothic

The St Gummarus Church in Brabantine Gothic, was built on the site where a Roman parish church dedicated to John the Baptist once stood.




A top instrument from the Baroque period

Since the end of the 15th century carillon music has been part of Lier.

Over the centuries fire in the...


Bell monument

The Bell monument is located in the garden of the Municipal Music Academy. This composition created by artist Jos Vloeberghs was placed here in 1997 on the occasion of the academy’s 75th anniversary...

Celebration Clock

The old dial of the St. Gummarus clocktower does not indicates the time, but the different coloured illumination mark Bank holidays and...

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