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De Fortuin

De Fortuin

De Fortuin (The Fortune) was probably built in the 17th century and adapted in the 18th century.

It was used first as a grain store, then as a coal depot, lemonade factory, cabinetmaker’s workshop and town warehouse.

The weather vane represents the goddess Fortuna with the horn of plenty.

Next to the building on he Nete is the Paardendrink, an old washing and watering place for animals. 

De Nete

The Nete

Lier, where the three Netes meet

Lier is located at the spot where the Grote Nete and the Kleine Nete meet.




The Buyldragershuisje, or Sack Carriers’ House, is the former guildhall of the ‘sack carriers’, the name that used to be given to dockworkers.

Originally this 18th century building with an...

De Paardendrink

Next to De Fortuin on the river Nete we find a gently sloping access to the water, De Paardendrink. This former ...

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