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A top instrument from the Baroque period

Since the end of the 15th century carillon music has been part of Lier.

Over the centuries fire in the St Gummarus Tower melted the bells on two separate occasions. The musical instrument was als badly damaged during the two world wars. But every time the carillon was restored.

The major part of the instrument dates back to the early 18th century.

In 2003-2004 the carillon was lovingly restored. Some cracked bells were restored, other, however, proved to be beyond repair and had to be replaced by new bells that perfectly fitted the set. 

Today's instrument has 52 bells, of which the St Gummarus bell is the heaviest, 8 ton.

The carillon is becoming increasingly popular and its repertoire is very varied. When you walk through the city, you hear jazz, blues, pop songs and nursery rhymes.

In 2011 the Flemish government recognised the carillon culture as its Immaterial Cultural Heritage. 

In 2014 UNESCO decided to add the Belgian carillon culture to their prestigious World Heritage list.

St Gummarus Tower

The Pepper pot

St Gummarus Tower, known as the "Peperbus” (Pepper pot) to the people of Lier, is 83m high.

Due to a number of catastrophes it took almost four...


Bell monument

The Bell monument is located in the garden of the Municipal Music Academy. This composition created by artist Jos Vloeberghs was placed here in 1997 on the occasion of the academy’s 75th anniversary...

The city carillonneur Koen Van Assche plays the instrument

  • every Saturday 12:00-13:00
  • every first Sunday of the month 12:00-1:00

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